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UCF: Napoli Cowboy

Destination: Napoli Cowboy Target: Mike's Cocktails Scenario: Monday night early bite. While my husband and I do enjoy Napoli by the Lake, we had yet to try out their inland location: Napoli Cowboy. It's a fun, relaxed, ephemera-filled atmosphere located in an old high school building (that has worn many other interesting hats over the years!). Worthy of note, is that they are open on Mondays - a rare treat to find around the lake. We arrived spot on time for Happy Hour and enjoyed watching the regulars trickle in one by one, taking their well-worn seats, and ordering “the usual”. We sat at the bar where Mike Weiss was at the helm, bar manager of both Napoli locations and all-around nice guy. He happens to possess the two most coveted qualities of an exceptional bar tender: 1) He genuinely cares about his customers, and 2) He genuinely cares about creating noteworthy cocktails. Speaking of which, he's previously shared his Chocolate Martini and Hot Toddy recipes with us here at The Current - so give them a try next time you're looking for a great cocktail to make at home! This particular evening, we decided to play our adult card and order dessert first. A creamy Pumpkin Martini that was decadent, balanced, and a little bit naughty. I don't know how long this will remain on the menu since it feels holiday-ish, so you'd better get it checked off your “to-taste” list pretty quick. When we heard that they were offering a Fish & Chips special, we couldn't resist. Adding a Guiness to the order took us instantly back to a dark and moody pub in County Clare, Ireland. The plate was well cooked, heartily portioned, and the service, fast! I can be a bit picky when it comes to my French fries (chips). I feel like you can gauge the quality of care a place puts into their food by whether they are attentive to making exceptional fries. These were crisp (but not too crisp), evenly salted, and really delicious dipped in a personal favorite combo of tartar sauce and ketchup! Overall, I was impressed, and we enjoyed our time. Do be aware that the bar-side of the restaurant has a plethora of TVs - if that's not quite the vibe you're going r. Next time it's Monday, and you're lamenting the fact that nothing is open, head on over to Napoli Cowboy and get the week off to a great start! 5/5 Smithies*

*Smithy: 1. Mythical creature that lurks beneath the waters of Smith Mountain Lake 2. Rating system used around these here parts. Because why use stars when you can use Smithies?


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