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What To Pack In A Boat Bag

At the beginning of last season, I asked on social media what people typically carried in their boat bags. I was trying to curate a tote that stayed fully packed and ready to grab-and-go with the quick addition of some fresh food and drink for our adventures out on the water. Now that we have over a year of boating under our belts, I've narrowed a list down to my must-haves. These items keep me ready for anything and provide a few spares for company who may not have thought of bringing along the boating basics. There might be a few deviations from the norm because we share boats with our fellow Boat Club members, so we can't leave anything of our own permanently onboard. I think though, that this is a great starting point when creating a boat bag of your own!

  • Map of the lake

  • Two Towels

  • Sunglasses

  • Roll of trash bags

  • Dog bowl

  • Roll-up Sun hat

  • Handwipes/sanitizer

  • Disposable Cups

  • Can Koozies

  • Games (cards and crossword puzzles)

I purchased the three-pack of clear plastic pouches above that hold: Pouch #1: Toiletries Sunscreen, hair ties, tissues, a small first aid kit, Bonine, a puppy pad, and a Travel John. Pouch #2: Snacks Some of our favorite non-perishable snacks to keep packed up include: KIND bars (w/ no chocolate), single-serving nuts/trail mix, snack sized Pirate's Booty (but of course!), individual applesauce cups. Pouch #3: Utensils napkins, silverware/plasticware, toothpicks

I love how the little pouches keep things organized and easy to find! All of the above are kept stocked and ready in our large water-resistant bag that has held up beautifully over a season of heavy use. The bag has two large exterior mesh pockets and two smaller welt pockets: one inside, one outside for all of your personal necessities like wallets and keys.

We added a lightweight felt organizer to the bag that has dividers for the pouches, water bottles, canister of wipes, etc. It keeps everything upright and allows for plenty of room to add whatever food and drink you'd like to pack at the last minute!

Keeping our boat bag packed and ready to go means we can get out of the door and onto the boat in 5 minutes flat. I've loved how easy it has made our outings - whenever you simplify a process, you're far more likely to engage in it often. Which is why you can find us out on the water every chance we get!

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