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Wild Hare Farm | Organic Produce at Smith Mountain Lake

Elizabeth and Cricker Brooks are first generation growers and owners of Wild Hare Farm in Ferrum, VA. The pair originally met through mutual friends down in the Outer Banks, where Liz was born and raised and where Cricker just so happened to be temporarily living. They dated, married, and eventually settled down on a small piece of land in Franklin County - where Brooks family roots are found.

The road to starting Wild Hare was a somewhat unexpected one. As a couple, they fostered a dream of finding jobs that would allow them to work together while pursuing something they loved. Simultaneously, Liz and Cricker had begun nurturing an interest in growing their own food and learning more about sustainable living. That interest became a hobby, and that hobby eventually became a business that was officially established in 2018.

At that time, the Brookses were manning a roadside produce stand and setting up at the Farmers Market in Rocky Mount every week. Then COVID threw a bit of a curveball their way. The farm pivoted by turning to an online sales/pick up system which was so well received by the community that they decided to stick with it for the long haul!

While Wild Hare still has a booth at the Rocky Mount Market on Saturdays, there is also a wonderfully convenient option available for lake area residents: each week during the ordering window (Sundays-Thursdays) you can visit the WHF website to see what's in season, place your order, and then enjoy an easy grab-and-go pick up on Fridays in the Mama Ann's parking lot (Westlake) from 3:30-5:30pm!

I was inspired to learn about the Brookses' passion for soil health on their USDA Certified Organic Farm (currently the only vegetable producer to have earned the label in Franklin County). They pride themselves on going above and beyond certification standards as they seek to cultivate the most nutrient-rich produce possible on their one-acre plot of land. At Wild Hare Farm, the crops are grown in a primarily no-till fashion, and without the aid of large farm equipment.

Liz really wants to encourage all the aspiring growers who might be reading this. She says that their farm is a perfect example of the fact that you don't need tons of land or fancy equipment to supply your own food - or to have a profitable business for that matter!

Wild Hare Farm is well known for their salad greens - something they strive to have available year-round. They also grow most of your typical summer crops such as tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, eggplants, etc., and will throw in some palate expanders for the adventurous sort with the likes of kohl rabi.

The selling season lasts from April-ish through the holidays, and they are excited to have recently welcomed a few new employees to their team that may well extend their season beyond the current borders!

To keep up with all things new on the farm - including the Summer Open Houses they host onsite - the best place to follow them is on Facebook. Liz also keeps an Instagram account fresh and full of gardening inspiration! To place an order, just follow this link:

There is no long-term commitment or account to open. You simply order whatever/whenever you're in need of some fresh local organic produce! If you have any questions, contact the Brooks at:


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