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Your source for discovering the pulse of Smith Mountain Lake.

The beauty, spirit, and heart that flows through our community and connects us all...


The Current was started during the pandemic as a feel-good publication to help readers discover the beauty, spirit, and heart of our community that is, perhaps, less visible to the casual observer.

Not a "news"letter or events calendar, you'll instead find stories about the people (and their talents and their businesses!) that make up the fabric -or the current- of our town. You'll also find inspiration for slow, intentional living, essays on everyday life at the lake, simple recipes to try, entertaining tips (because when you have a lake house, that comes with the territory!), undercover foodie reviews, highlights on area groups/clubs, and more.

My hope is that each issue brings a smile to your face and teaches you maybe one thing you didn't already know about this area we call home.

The Current has become, over time, not just my personal hobby but an enriching new source for the community to use to connect with and learn from one another.


Reader financial support allows me to dedicate the time and resources necessary to continue to make this a quality and enjoyable publication for all residents of the lake. When you click the button below, you can help ensure its continuance by choosing the level of support that is right for you. 

Many, but not all, of the articles are posted here, on the blog, after they appear in The Current e-zine that goes out to subscribers.

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Meet The Editor


Hi! I'm Kristin, the voice behind The Current. I've always been a connector, a huge proponent of community life, and an avid supporter of local businesses. Another passion of mine is curating a life that you love and truly immersing all of your senses in the beauty that is all around you. Readers of The Current will find all of that and more as together we build an enjoyable resource for residents old and new, visitors, and maybe-someday-ers alike!

Thanks for stopping by! 


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