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Carefree Boat Club

On May 1st of this year, Carefree Boat Club opened its new location at Crazy Horse Marina. My husband and I jumped on board right away - it seems a perfect fit for our lifestyle! A week of training (online and in person) later, and we are now official members able to take out any of the three club boats, within reservation limits and last-minute availability rules, whenever we wish! No maintenance, no towing/launching hassle, no winter storage, no worries. All of the club boats (2 tri-toons and a ski boat) are beautiful new 2022 models. - What we love best though, are the people! Nothing about the owners or process of joining this club felt pushy or sales-y. A well-known name around here (Chris Bechtler) is at the helm on location and is just the best, most patient instructor/operations manager.

Give them a ring to schedule a tour of the club and tell them you heard about Carefree in The Current.


I'd be happy to share more about our adventures with the club as time goes along if you'd like to read about it.

*This is my personal experience and was not sponsored in any way, though CBC does offer a referral program.


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