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Isaac Vaughn | Perfection Auto Care

Isaac Vaughn, owner of Perfection Auto Care, is the fourth generation of his family to find himself in the automotive business.

Though he grew up around his father's body shop, he experienced his own entrepreneurial rumblings starting from a very young age. Cars seemed to be a part of his destiny, but Isaac wasn't quite sure in what capacity… It took a trip to the UK mid-college to really clarify the goal of opening his own detailing business. He had dabbled in many other areas of the auto world, gaining knowledge and experience along the way, but this was something that he truly had a passion for - something he felt naturally gifted in too - and the instant gratification of bringing an old, tired coat of paint back to show-stopper status…well, it was addictive!

In business for 8 years now, Perfection Auto Care offers a whole range of services for your vehicles. From a basic detailing to color correction and ceramic coating. PAC is the company to call if you're selling your vehicle and want it to look its best. Or maybe you own a classic that you would like restored to its former glory. Isaac can also coat your fabrics, leathers, and vinyls to give them increased durability - a fabulous idea if you have children, grandchildren, or pets that share your ride! Maybe it's been awhile since your trusty set of wheels has had a good deep clean, or maybe you just bought a new addition and want to protect that factory paint with a coating that will last for years against the elements. I personally used his services when we purchased a private-party Jeep that needed a little spruce-up. As someone born with a detailed eye, I can confidently say that Isaac does a 5-star job!

Not being a car person though, I had to ask what the durability difference was between a traditional wax job and the IGL ceramic coating that he uses. I was shocked to learn that a good wax will give you 3-4 months of protection, while a ceramic coat will give you 4 years PLUS!


He uses primarily low VOC, environmentally friendly products which is good for everyone involved - including your car! The best part? He'll come pick up and drop off your four-wheeled friend for you, making this one of the most convenient options around. In the Roanoke Valley, this valet service is complimentary - out at the lake there will be a small fee based on your location.

When Isaac isn't in the shop, he loves spending time with his wife and two Corgis, being outdoors, motorcycle riding, traveling, landscape photography, and cruising around in his convertible. Does he have a favorite car he's worked on? Probably a vintage Rolls Royce or old school Farrari - though he also recently enjoyed servicing a new all-electric Rivian pick-up!

The best way to book a service with Isaac is to first visit his website to obtain a quote for the work you require, then give him a call to officially get on the books. He's always happy to chat about your needs and answer any questions you might have!


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