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Meet Dr. Laurie Gibbons | Body 4 U

Dr. Gibbons is one of the most enthusiastic and dynamic people I've ever met. A woman of many facets, behind her practice is a heart to affect lasting change in her client's lives.

Recently, I visited her beautiful office (which actually felt more like stepping into a spa) in the Lake Watch shopping center to learn about the veritable wealth of services that she offers to clients, there. While walking around and hearing about the various treatments available, I just kept coming back to the phrase “one stop shop” to describe Body 4 U - the practice that she owns here at Smith Mountain Lake. Her passion is truly holistic health - finding balance - helping those who walk in her door to leave feeling fabulous both inside and out.

Dr. Gibbons followed in her father's footsteps and became a second-generation chiropractor. Having essentially grown up in and around the profession gives her a unique perspective and approach toward melding tried and true methods with all of the latest advanced techniques. Her chiropractic work includes really getting to know each patient, their genetic dispositions, and existing issues even before starting with an adjustment protocol. She offers a system called Body Balancing which is especially safe, gentle, and effective for senior citizens. Dr. Gibbons holds certifications in six different techniques in order to tailor the best treatment possible for each individual.

Outside of her chiropractic offerings, there is a full slate of health spa services available at Body 4 U. Massage therapy, body wraps, facials, microdermabrasion, nutritional counseling (including PH and Caroteniod testing), reflexology, sound therapy, cupping, hot stones, and more!

One of the most unique things you'll find at Dr. Gibbons' office is Soft Wave Technology: an advanced therapy medium from Germany that utilizes an electrohydraulic applicator to transform shock waves into acoustic waves. This technology lights up the mitochondria in your body and recruits your own stem cells (without any injections) to regenerate and heal tissue - even to the point of growing new arteries! This has been used successfully on both fresh injuries and long-term ailments. From lingering COVID effects to arthritis; bursitis to serious sports injuries, she has seen wonderful results using Soft Wave. There are only 5 providers currently in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and Dr. Gibbons was fortunate enough to have been trained directly under the inventor of the technology. I received a brief demonstration of how the Soft Wave machine works, and it is truly an amazing advancement in the health world that has seen astounding results. First in Europe, and now: all over the world!

Relatively recent transplants from Atlanta (where Laurie held a practice for 23 years), she and her husband started looking for a place to eventually retire. They searched all up and down the east coast, wanting a vibrant community with a body of water on which to enjoy their boating hobby, and accidentally stumbled upon Smith Mountain Lake on a trip up to New York. Her husband spotted a directional sign on the highway, looked it up online, and the rest, as they say, is history! Turns out, they decided to come as soon as they could to start settling into the community, so once her son graduated high school, they pulled up stakes and relocated. That's been about a year and a half ago now, and as she isn't quite ready for retirement, her practice came along too. Body 4 U has quickly become an asset to our community!

Stop in or give Dr. Laurie a call at:


to see how Body 4 U can aid in your journey to feeling and being your best self!


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