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Meet Jessica Foy | Anchor Title LLC

In 2013, Theresa Bailey, a lake resident with decades of local experience in the industry, first opened the doors to Anchor Title SML (pictured below, left). Her daughter, Jessica Foy, came along for the journey as an underwriter, and since then, this powerhouse mother/daughter team has built a reputation as a company that goes above and beyond to make real estate closings as smooth and painless as possible for all involved.

From my own personal interactions with her, I know that Jessica is incredibly personable, responsive, professional, and organized - a combination that can be rare to find! She knows that the process of buying or selling a home can often be a stressful one, but having the Anchor Title team working behind the scenes to smooth out any wrinkles allows clients to focus on all of the excitement that surrounds the transfer of home ownership!

Jessica and Theresa bring complimentary skill sets to the table and work well together as a team. Getting through COVID was a challenge for them, but not in the way you might have expected! Home sales soared with people flocking to the lake as soon as remote working and early retirement became viable options for so many. Business was booming as a result, and while the increase in volume kept them on their toes, Jessica loved being a part of that particular moment in time as the lake took on a wave of fresh new energy!

Savoring the simple things is what she enjoys in her spare time. This might look like spending some time down by the water savoring a few peaceful moments at the end of a day. She also has a love for birds! The avian branch of the Foy family includes several different varieties - everything from chickens to parrotlets. She even moonlights as a hobby breeder. Jessica laughingly blames her 6-year-old son for asking for a bird one day and opening up the floodgates into this new family adventure!

One thing that radiates from Jessica is her love for, and support of, the Smith Mountain Lake community. She and the entire Anchor Title team are always looking for ways they can give back and become involved in area projects. Speaking of her team, you can meet them on the company Facebook page where there are recent spotlights on each individual member.

Next time you find yourself in the real estate market, remember that even though your realtor might have affiliated relationships with certain title companies, it is always the right of the buyer and seller to choose their own firm to close the deal. If you're looking for hometown experience with a big dose of heart and a team that you can trust to always go to bat for you during your transaction, contact the qualified staff at Anchor Title SML:


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