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Pacabella Farm Alpacas and Boutique

During my nieces' recent stay, we paid a visit to Pacabella Farm Alpacas and Boutique to join in on one of their Saturday tours. It was a lovely summer morning and Robin, who owns the farm along with her husband John, welcomed everyone and invited us into the main barn area where she brought along two of the sweet young males to visit. My 5'3" frame seemed nearly eye-to-eye with the gentle creatures as they enjoyed snacking on some grain from our hands while Robin told us all about the herd, the difference between the older and younger males, how their coats are classified, and so many more interesting facts! Did you know alpacas only have bottom teeth? Petting their thick, deep fiber was one of the softest, richest sensory experiences I've ever had. It makes you want to just burrow your whole self into that incredible texture! At the farm they have many alpacas that are their own (along with a few chickens, goats, and a llama) as well as some boarders who are owned by other people but live with the Pacabella herd. You'll find so many different colors and patterns among them. All ages too - the babies were my nieces' favorites!! - They even have some that are show-pacas (I just made that term up), title winners, and some that come from rich, well-known bloodlines.

After visiting with the animals awhile, we all headed back to the little boutique barn where Robin helped us wash up. We were then free to explore the many goods for sale that all centered around alpacas. These included lots of knitted items - some of which were made from the very fiber of the farm residents! There were fun mementos and gifts, and a wonderful line of bath products they've developed over the years. Their flagship item is a hand felted alpaca fiber soap. This luxurious bath staple is made with love right here at Smith Mountain Lake!

We all really enjoyed our time at Pacabella, and if you're looking for something fun and unusual to do, go check out their Facebook page where they have their current available hours listed for you to sign up for your own (free) tour.


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