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Victor Clark - Mattress By Appointment

Victor Clarke (also known around these parts as Captain Vic and pictured left with his wife, Robin) is no stranger to the lake. In fact, Robin's family purchased a lot at SML with only the trees marked to indicate the eventual waterline! I'd say that qualifies as “founding family” status, don't you?!

While living up in Northern Virginia (in the early 90s), the Clarkes purchased their own lot on the lake and built a weekend home here for themselves and their two children to enjoy.

Fast-forward many, many years (and many, many great memories) later, and it was time for a major life change which included a floor to ceiling renovation of their lake home.

All elements of a reno can certainly be stressful, but one particular pain point that stood out was how frustrating it was to replace all their mattresses! They had to drive an hour plus to even find a store to purchase them. Not to mention the unwelcome thought of driving down the freeway with mattresses tied to the top of their car, flapping in the breeze!

Not long after, he heard about the Mattress by Appointment company from a family member. He knew from first-hand experience that it was something the lake area could really use, and the flexible schedule (it truly is open only by appointment) allowed it to work around his main job. So he decided to open up his own local franchise.

Located at the White House Corner, he carries a good variety in stock at the store and can easily order any outlying sizes or styles that he doesn't happen to have on hand. He also delivers - even once recently by boat! For those who own short term rentals, we all know that the unexpected sometimes happens, and you might find yourself with only a short turnover window to work with in which to find a replacement. Victor has helped many a rental owner out of a pinch by having a new mattress set up at their home, ready for the next guests, in a matter of hours.

All of the mattresses are made in the USA and backed by a 10-year warranty. Because of their business model, Mattress by Appointment is able to offer competitive prices on quality products. But best of all, they're located right here in our community!

Sidenote: in his spare time, Captain Vic charters his Sea Ray to take visitors on area water tours. Just a little extra tidbit for you to file away. ;-)

So, the next time you find yourself (or someone you know) in need of a new mattress, give Mattress by Appointment a call! They offer friendly, quality, convenient service to ensure you and your guests have the most comfortable rest possible while you're here at the lake.


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