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Westlake Cleaning

Seven years ago, Tammy Newcomb, one half of the mother-daughter duo that makes up Westlake Cleaning Services, decided that she wanted the freedom and flexibility that owning her own business would afford. A graduate of Liberty University, she loved the gratification that came from a good "before and after", so cleaning just seemed like a natural fit - and WCS was born.

Two years ago, her daughter Brittany Stephens decided to come on board, and now this powerhouse team serves homes all around the lake. From short term rental flips to move-in/move-outs, regular home maintenance, to the occasional deep clean, they've got you covered.

Personally, Tammy adores the four seasons that we are lucky to enjoy here in southwest Virginia. Living right on the water brings her retired photographer's heart so much joy as they each in turn reflect off of the cove. Besides capturing the seasons in her lens, kayaking, fishing from her dock, art, hiking the beautiful area trails, and spending time with her granddaughter round out her list of favorite past times. On her days off you might just find her at SML Coffee House grabbing a slice of her favorite coconut cake (YUM)!

When asked about a quick cleaning tip she would give to homeowners (whether you own a short term rental or just host family/friends for the weekend), the first thing that came to her mind was this:

Add a set of dark colored makeup removal washcloths to your bathrooms for guests to use. Perhaps even go a step further and place individually wrapped make-up remover wipes out on the counter. It saves your fluffy white towels and bed sheets from being stained beyond repair because of heavy make-up soaking into the fibers so deeply that even bleach can't touch it.

If you'd like to book Westlake Cleaning Services, a bonded and insured company, the best way to get in touch is either via phone or Facebook message (you'll also find cleaning tips and lovely “after” photos over on their new FB page).

Give them a ring, and Tammy and Brittany will have your home sparkling in no time!


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